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If I were to stay at a bed and breakfast, there would be several things that I would look for. For me, the most important thing would be cleanliness. When I stay at a B & B, I expect that the bed should be made and the sheets and towels should be smelling clean and fresh. I would also expect the B & B itself to be clean. The steps should be swept and parking areas should be free of clutter. The inside of the B & B should look clean and cared for.

The food served at the B & B should be well prepared and delicious. If possible, a guest should be given a choice such as a fried egg versus a scrambled egg, a bagel rather than toast. The dining table should be clean and the eating utensil should be washed and sterile.

Another consideration is price. If I can stay at a nice B & B for a lower rate and get excellent service, I will take that over a super fancy B & B that charges a very high rate.

I also would expect that the B & B staff be courteous and friendly. I would want to feel like I am a welcome guest and they want to do their best to take care of me. I would hope that one of the staff would act in the role as a concierge. If I wanted tickets to a ballgame or directions to the local shopping center, I would hope that I would be taken care of.

A guest should also be given an adequate parking area. A guest should not get a ticket for overnight parking and being charged to park in a garage is also not a good idea.

The bathroom areas should be clean and sterile. There should be enough toilet paper and paper towels on hand, as well as soap and shampoo and plenty of clean towels of different sizes. All tubs and sinks and toilets should be clean and sterile.

Some extra guest amenities would be welcome, such as notepad for guests to keep that has the B & B's logo and address on it, as well as pens and pencils. A kiosk with maps and local areas of interest is also a help to guests.

Adequate laundry facilities would be helpful. A guest may have been traveling for a number for days and they would appreciate doing some loads of laundry. There should be laundry detergent and bleach available as well as machines that convert bills into coins.

What matters to me is that I should be made to feel welcome. A B & B guest should be greeted warmly as soon as they arrive. Staff should be outside the door helping to open car doors and assisting with taking luggage out of the car and bringing it inside. The registration process should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Once you have arrived at the B & B, the guest should be given a tour of the facilities so they know where the bedrooms and bathrooms are as well as exits in case of an emergency. Safety issues should be discussed.

The physical structure of the B & B should also be cared for. It should be painted and cared for. Bathroom facilities should be operating properly and lights should all be working. If an inspector were to come in, the B & B should receive an A rating.