Bed & Breakfast - Review Directory

This website has been established so that travelers who want to stay at a bed and breakfast can have a site where they can find out what they need. If someone wants to stay at B & B this is the first site that they should come to.

This site gives a directory of where you can find a B & B. You can search by location and price. Each listing provides fill contact information.

Complete travel information can be found here. There are also links to AAA offices around the country.

For each B & B listed, there is information on areas of interest and attractions for that part of the country. Each part of the country has its own history and charm that makes it unique.

The goal of this website is to be the place on the web where people turn to when need to find a B & B.

It would be a good idea to post some pictures of what some sample bed and breakfasts look like. A visual presentation give potential customers a good sense of what to expect when they stay at a B & B.

Another suggestion is a price list of what a B & B could charge for a night's stay. There could be prices for low end, mid range and high end prices. Knowing what the price would be helps travelers make an informed decision.

It would be helpful that for each location of a bed and breakfast there could be a link to a chamber of commerce site for that area that would list all the attractions of the are. For example, if one were staying at a bed and breakfast in the Boston area, you would see information on Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail and the Faneuil Hall marketplace, also known as quincy market. One may also want to take the duck tour or visit the Boston Common. One would also enjoy a trip to the Aquarium or the Museum of Fine Art. A trip to Harvard Square is also a fun thing to do. Each community that offers a bed and breakfast could have information like this listed.

Another feature that would be important would be transportation information. If you were visiting say Boston, there should be a link to the MBTA subway system and also a link to bus schedules and where to pick up buses. The information should be clear enough that a first time visitor should be able to get himself around on the first day visiting.

An informative and well operating search feature should be part of a website. If I were traveling to a certain location, I would want to be able to type in the location and then I would soon see a list with complete contact information for each location. The site should have several search parameters. If possible, a link to that B & B's website would be a nice feature to have.

A website should also have a place for guest comments and other visitors should be able read these comments and place their own comments. Each B & B could have a rating area, say form five stars for the best and one star for the worst. Guests who stayed at this B & B should be able to give a rating after they have stayed there.