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There are many good reasons to stay at a bed and breakfast. In most cases it us much warmer and cozier than a hotel or motel. Guests can feel much more at home. The building itself may be a renovated home that looks very attractive. The accommodations are also nicer than at a hotel or motel. The environment seems cozier and more home like and it is much more attractive.

Also, the meals at a bed and breakfast are far superior than what you would get at a standard hotel or motel. Instead of getting a standard continental breakfast or a muffin and some fruit, at a bed and breakfast you get a full breakfast that would consist of fresh cooked eggs and bacon, along with ham, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast, muffins, bagels and all kinds of juices.

Another reason is economics. Some hotels can charge as much as $220 or more a night. The fees for a bed and breakfast are much lower. Also a hotel can be noisy with lots of guests, a bed and breakfast may only have one family at a time staying there so you feel much more cared for.

After traveling a long distance, a weary traveler would rather rest at a quiet bed and breakfast where he is welcomed and expected. With a hotel or motel you have to wait in line at the registration desk and hope that a room is available. The beds at a bed and breakfast are more like you would find in a nice home rather than a generic hotel bed. Bed and breakfasts beds usually have lots of pillows and blankets.

Bed and breakfasts also have the charm of looking like an older, well cared for home. Most hotels and bland and corporate looking without any feeling or personality. A bed and breakfast feels like a home with love while a hotel feels like a hotel, a place to stay and not much else.

In general, the staff at a bed and breakfast are more attuned to your wants and needs. You are the only guest and they want to take care of you. With a hotel you are one of many guests and sometimes you have to wait in line to get service.

Also, from an aesthetic viewpoint, a bed and breakfast can look positively charming and even elegant, while most hotels are somewhat generic. A hotel can be a busy bustling place while a bed and breakfast is serene and peaceful.

Bed and breakfasts are also for the most part beautifully landscaped with gardens and flower beds. Most hotels are surrounded by parking lots and do not offer the same kind of charm.

I would want to stay at a B & B because I know it would be a place where I can get rest and be restored and renewed. The atmosphere of the B & B should be timeless and peaceful.